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6 teenagers embark on a shocking adventure one day after a call is unexpectedly answered... through the bathroom mirror. (reads left to right) (note: this is a soul eater fan comic based off a story my bro and i started, with 3 friends and my sister added in. my bro and i started a small plot, and as his friend trey did comics with their 2 characters, i wanted to draw our story too. this is the result.) WARNING: may contain retarded randomness too awesome for some to comprehend

October 31st, 2010, 8:08 pm


i may not have updated in... a long time (@.@') but voiny is still alive! ive drawn a lot on it, i just havent been outlining, considering the slow progress since i started high school. but please dont give up hope on it; thank you everyone who has been patient with me for this. @u@ that makes me feel good; i think im motivated to get back to outlining now ^u^
you guys rock.

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